Now that winter is rapidly approaching, it is likely that you will be once again considering turning your boiler and heating system back on after the warm summer months.
We all dread a boiler breakdown – particularly during the cold winter season. However, if you follow our simple tips for good boiler maintenance, you’ll be helping to prevent boiler breakdowns and save yourself money on a costly callout.
One of the most important ways to prevent a boiler breakdown is to ensure your pipes are properly lagged. The best time to do this is before winter fully sets in, or before you know it, you may be facing the expense of replacing a frozen pipe. If your pipes are in need of lagging, most DIY shops sell reasonably priced ready-made pipe lagging that simply slips over the pipes.
Another way to ensure that your boiler is running properly is to make sure that the boiler pressure does not drop too low, as this will prevent your boiler from functioning properly. Your boiler instruction manual will provide you with instructions on how to boost the boiler’s pressure.
Although you’ll likely have turned off your heating system during the summer, before it hits the cold winter months, it is worth switching the boiler on and letting it run for 15-30 minutes during the summer months to ensure that everything is running smoothly. In addition to this, it is vitally important that you get an annual service done on your boiler by a registered GasSafe engineer – this means that if there are any potential issues, you won’t be left in a house with no heating or hot water!