There are a huge number of factors to consider when purchasing a house. However, alongside concerns about cost, location, and suitability, there are a number of electrical elements that you may not have considered, but which you will certainly want the answers to before putting an offer in on your dream house.
You will want to consider whether the fuse board is old or new, and subsequently whether it is safe. Ideally, this ought to be checked on a survey of the house prior to purchase.
If the system has not been updated in some time, it may need to be modernised before renovations can be made to the house, such as adding new sockets to bedrooms.
Modernisation can, in some cases, mean getting your house entirely rewired. This can be a substantial cost – up to £15,000 – and is well worth being aware of prior to moving in. Getting stuck with the cost of rewiring your system is the last thing you need upon moving into a new property, so if possible, do your best to get as much information about the house’s electrics as possible before making an offer!