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We are Napit Registered Electrical Vehicle Charging Experts.

We are specialist EV charge point installers and have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of installing in domestic and commercial. We ensure our customers get a smooth installation experience. We offer competitive pricing for EV charging points and fit the highest standard.

The Government’s Office approves us for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) to Install EV Chargers for All Types of Electric Cars. The OLEV Grant scheme allows you to get up to £350 off the cost of purchasing and installing an electric car charger. You can claim one charging point per vehicle and up to 2 per house.

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We are approved installers for Rolec, Hypervolt, PodPoint.

Rolec EV

Rolec EV makes a wide range of home chargers designed to suit customers with subtly different needs. For example, its Wall-Pod: EV Ready device contains just a standard, three-pin socket, but the company says it’s easy to upgrade to a fast charger, making it ideal for drivers who might not be fully on board with the idea of going electric just yet.

Rolec EV’s main product is the WallPod: EV HomeSmart. The firm claims that its starting price is the cheapest home charger eligible for the OLEV grant. In addition, the unit contains a SIM card, so users can operate it remotely using the app, free to download.


Hypervolt is now one of the best-selling EV chargers. It is a British-made tethered charger, and we’ve been impressed by the lengths the manufacturers have gone to create a product that meets what people are looking for in an EV charging system. It gets a huge thumbs up from us thanks to an exceptional customer service team, glowing customer reviews and a commitment from the techies at Hypervolt to frequently update the partner app and software.

It has the most extended guarantee (for a small optional fee) of five years, as well as free lifetime operating system updates and PEN fault detection built-in. Unfortunately, it only comes with a 5m cable, but longer ones up to 10m are available.

Hypervolt is compatible with all well-known brands
In rare instances, the charger may develop a fault, but for 95% of all cases, an engineer can rectify the fault remotely. The Hypervolt can also integrate into your smart home Alexa system.

Pod Point

Pod Point provides a range of EV chargers and accessories for homes and commercial properties. Compatible with all leading car brands, including Tesla, Audi and BMW, Pod Point EV chargers benefit from the latest technology and are Wifi-enabled, allowing them to be controlled and monitored via the Pod Point App. For more information on Pod Point’s products, visit the company’s website at


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Proud to be working with CoCompare

GoCompare offers comprehensive insights into the cost of charging electric cars. They provide detailed information on factors affecting charging costs, comparisons of different electric vehicles, and tips for saving money on charging. This collaboration ensures our customers have access to valuable resources for making informed decisions about electric car ownership. For more details, visit GoCompare’s electric car charging cost page.


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