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HeatELEC offers a comprehensive range of electrical services that range from lighting solutions to safety/maintenance systems; from testing & inspection to heating & ventilation; from security to technology. An expert electrician is always available to handle all your electrical requirements – swiftly and safely – at various locations.

Call HeatELEC if you need electrical services in Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, or Surrey, and within a 30 to 35-mile radius around North London.

Lighting Services

HeatELEC’s electrical services for your lighting needs include feature lighting to illuminate and define your important spaces; LED lighting including bulbs, strip lights, panels and ceiling lights; spotlights & downlights to create the right mood; driveway/garden lighting to ensure the safety and illumination of your exterior spaces; chandeliers ranging from the traditional to the contemporary; display lights suitable for retail, exhibitions, window displays, etc; energy efficient lights for homes and businesses; and fluorescent lights, including bulbs and tubes for bright, consistent illumination of multiple spaces.

Safety and Maintenance Services

HeatELEC’s safety/maintenance services encompass a wide range of activities that include rewiring & alterations of installation systems; replacement of fuse-boards; providing additional socket outlets; and installation of fire alarms/smoke alarms.

Testing and Inspection Activities

An integral part of HeatELEC’s testing & inspection activities, fixed wire testing is carried out to identify electrical faults and ensure the safety of electrical installations – often for insurance purposes. It’s important to also test smoke detection and fire alarms to ensure that they are in perfect working condition for your safety; conduct routine PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) on electrical appliances to determine their safety levels; carry out testing & inspection of emergency lighting systems to ensure they are always fully operational; and conduct rental inspections whenever required by property owners.

Heating & Ventilation services for homes, offices and industries

HeatELEC offers a multitude of heating & ventilation services for homes, offices and industries. These include installation and maintenance of storage heating equipment that store thermal energy and release it when required; underfloor heating that effectively converts the flooring into a radiator; electric heating that converts electrical energy into heat energy for use in water heating, space heating, etc; exterior heating options for the outdoors, such as patio heaters, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and so on; extractor fans to extract stale indoor air and replace it with fresh air; and whole house moisture extractor units which are basically ventilation systems for the entire house, which remove condensation, moisture, and pollutants, to name a few.

Security of home and business

Ensuring the security of your home and business, with the installation and maintenance of Door Access/Entry Systems, to facilitate the monitoring of all those who enter and exit the premises; intruder alarms that provide fair warning when security is breached by intruders on your property; CCTV installation for continuous monitoring as well as recording of footage, if required at a later date for proof of break-ins; and intercom systems that are basically voice communication devices, using a talkback system, within a restricted area such as a building.

Technology-based solutions

HeatELEC’s electrical services division offers a number of technology-based solutions that help combine technology with the functions of running a home, such as the installation of home automation systems; facilitate effective communications with the installation of data and telephone cabling & outlets; and bring the world of entertainment into your home with TV, satellite and digital TV installations.

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