At HeatElec we have a strict preparation, prevention and response plan in regards to the
COVID-19 world pandemic for the safety of ourselves and our clients. We are currently
following strict Government Guideline and we are continuing to keep up to date with current
events and announcements.


1) We have access to, and are fully stocked with hand sanitiser
2) We use gloves and face masks which are disposed of away from site.


1) We have confirmation of self-isolation/quarantine status of clients
2) Confirmation of any interaction with individuals that have been quarantined
3) We self-monitor ourselves for any symptoms
4) We are frequently sanitising work surfaces and all hand tools and equipment.
5) We are keeping activity time involved as short as possible
6) We are frequently washing our hands and frequently sanitising.
7) We are strictly maintaining safe social distancing of government guidelines
8) We are removing all waste and belongings from the work area once jobs are complete.
9) Regular cleaning of our vehicles.


Any member of our team that is at risk is encouraged to stay home.